Allow Myself to Introduce . . . Myself

Allow Myself to Introduce . . . Myself

Since we will hopefully be spending some time together, here is a little information about me…

I have been involved in ministry since 1994, and I am the founder and Executive Director of encounterGOD ministries.  My passion is helping Christ followers develop a deeper level of intimacy with God and live out the truths of His word, even when they are difficult and costly!

I began my journey as a volunteer in youth ministry at Trinity Church in Lubbock, Texas in 1994.  During my seven years at Trinity, I served as an intern in both youth and children’s ministry, while also attending Texas Tech University. As a senior at Tech, I became the director of Frontline Ministries, a primary outreach/evangelism program at Trinity. With Frontline, I had the privilege of overseeing various ministry efforts.  These included the weekly Adopt-a-Block outreach, Sidewalk Sunday School, and the daily after-school program for at-risk neighborhood children.

Shortly before graduating from Texas Tech in May 1999 with a B.B.A. in Management Information Systems, I met my future bride, Carey Taylor. Upon marrying in May 2000, Carey and I left Trinity to join Live Oak Community Church in Lubbock. There we had the opportunity to serve together for several years as volunteers in the student ministry. I eventually took over the role of Pastor of Student Ministries in July 2003. Then, in March 2004, the elders of Live Oak felt led to license and ordain me, also honoring me with the opportunity to become a member of the teaching team for Live Oak’s primary weekend services. Carey and I remained a part of the Live Oak ministry team until our departure in April 2006.

In 2005, Carey and I attended the International House of Prayer‘s (IHOP) onething young adult conference in Kansas City, Missouri. This was a life-changing event for both of us, and a major turning point in our ministry.  Never before had either of us heard the truth of a God with a ravished heart for His bride, a God who is tender with us in the midst of our weakness, or a God who requires repentance, but is quick to give grace when we approach Him with humility. It was over that short four day period that my passion to pursue intimacy with God was first ignited.

Shortly after returning home from onething, we connected with the Lubbock IHOP (LIHOP), an independent “offshoot” of the Kansas City ministry. We attended weekly prayer meetings for several months, and I eventually joined the volunteer staff. For approximately two years, I served as a worship leader at the primary Tuesday night prayer meeting. I also had the opportunity to teach regularly at LIHOP weekend conferences and direct the LIHOP intern program. I served on the Board of Directors until moving to Fort Worth in June 2014.

Out of my time at IHOP came the vision for my current ministry passion, encounterGOD ministries. Founded in November 2006, the primary vision of encounterGOD is to see followers of Jesus become extravagant lovers of God as the first commandment is restored to first place in the life of the Church. In addition, encounterGOD embraces various justice initiatives.  We are particularly passionate about seeing abortion and human trafficking eradicated in the name and through the power of Jesus!

Today Carey and I, along with our two girls, Brooklyn and Ashtyn, make our home in Fort Worth, Texas.

Kyle McNutt and family